Running Down a Dream….

Here is something I thought I would never be on the positive side of…..running. With the decent weather we have had lately I have been able to continue my running outside. And if you had asked me as recently as five years ago if I would be excited about running outside I would have called you crazy. Although I have always been an active person running was something that never really interested me. But as we get older, we change. I found that running is a challenge and with it there is a strong connection to life; which is what I will talk about today.

The similarities between running and life are numerous. It is just you out there. Sure you can run with friends or another person (trainer) but it is up to you to keep going. No one knows the pain you might be feeling inside or the doubt you have about continuing to push. Running’s biggest positive is that it strengthens you mentally. To achieve your goals, distance or time, it depends on YOU. No one can do it for you. You must get beyond any mental barrier you have and keep pushing yourself.

That is the challenge I love best about running and I have transferred over into my life. Running has made me mentally stronger. I know that I must overcome my own doubts about things just as in life. If I want to succeed it is up to me to do it. Running has turned out to be not only a great physical tool, but a mental tool as well. The exercise helps relief stress, puts my mind back into focus and the benefits of being able to just run outside and enjoy the world that God created. The pluses continue to go on and on. Now if I am not able to run for a few days I do not feel like myself. So here is to getting out and enjoying the weather while we can before the bitter cold and snow of winter arrive.

For those who have never tried running I truly suggest getting out there. Even for those who are unable to, try walking. The point is to get out there and push yourself. Challenge yourself each day to do better. Make yourself stronger physically and mentally. Running helps teach that it is up to us to become better and not rely on anyone else. For me running has become a mental state for me that I have carried into life.

As Tom Petty says I’m “Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads. Runnin’ down a dream.”


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