Thoughts from a movie

Well today is the first day of December and for most people that means you start watching Christmas movies. Except for me and my family we have already been doing that for a couple of weeks. I love Christmas time. The reason is because everyone just seems in a better mood. And Christmas movies really capture that joy and spirit. One movie we watched this week was The Bishops Wife. I found it interesting that there were some classic lines in that movie that really made me think and some ideas that everyone should carry over into their life to keep that Christmas joy and spirit year-round.

The first line is from Dudley, “Angels are everywhere. When you are walking down the street you may be looking at an angel or may be looking at a homeless man.” I think this is a great quote because you really do never know who you are talking to or encountering. It is best to treat everyone with respect, dignity and kindness. Never assume anything about someone because you do not know their whole story. Life is about making connections. Some random man you meet on the street or cut off driving to work, may end up being a boss in the future or a future relative or neighbor. Just remember you never know who you may be running into. Just as in the Bible the innkeepers turned away Mary and Joseph (and the birth of baby Jesus). They did not know who was knocking at their door. But if you see a person in need, help out. Be kind to all. A great recent story on this is the N.Y. city cop that bought socks and boots for the homeless man.

The next quote is from Dudley again when he says, “We all come from our own little planet.” This ties somewhat into the previous quote about not really knowing the people we are interacting with. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. One experience is not the same for all involved. So try and be understanding. Don’t judge people because they are different. Rather embrace the diversity and use it to learn to grow. Just as no one knows everything about you and what you have gone through, you shouldn’t assume to know everything about another person.

The third quote was when Dudley says, “The only people that grow old are those that are born old.” This is great because it talks about the human spirit. Age is just a number, it doesn’t define you. What defines you is what is inside. I personally am getting older and older, but other than some aches now I still inside feel just as young as ever. Christmas has this way of making everyone feel younger. It brings back memories, gives hope and spreads joy. We all get that childlike feeling again on Christmas morning. Try and take this feeling into each day. While everyday may not be filled with the gatherings, gifts and songs as Christmas is…every day is still special. Treat it like that. Take a childlike look at the world to see how truly amazing it is. Don’t sit at home and waste your life. Get out and make a change!

The final quote is probably the most famous when Sylvester the cab driver says “The main trouble is there are too many people who don’t know where they’re going and they want to get there too fast!” What a great quote. This quote talks about patience. Too often people are running around trying to stay busy, especially during the Holiday season. They always say there is too much to do, too little time. It is important to not rush through life, going from one task to another. Rather take your time. Think about what needs to be done. But make sure you enjoy your life. Make sure you take time going through the mall or the stores to look at the decorations. Enjoy them. Make sure you aren’t speeding down the highway from store to store. Look at the sun shining, the clear skies and the lights on houses at night. Turn your radio onto a Christmas station and listen to the message all the songs are giving you. Christmas is a time for joy, to spread happiness and help others. Christmas is about giving back. Make sure you don’t spend your time focusing on the material things and staying busy. Be sure to take time out and thank God and see what magic Christmas time brings.


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